Thursday, May 21, 2020

The reason I'm mad at my dog

May 21, 2020 0 Comments
The thing I'm complaining today is regarding a situation that happened a few days ago. First of all, I want to say that I took my dog for a walk on the street I was living then. When he grew older and bigger, I thought my big yard was enough for him to exercise. As I moved in a significant smaller house, I had to take him for a walk more often. I'm not trying to excuse myself, only to explain.

Second of all, Luca is part of the larger in the size of breeds, as he is a mix of shepherd and husky. I put some pictures of him on an article, you can find here. Anyway, it's an exercise for me to take him to walks, but I like exploring with him. 

The incident lasted five seconds and it ruined my mood for days. We were heading home from a long walk and it was even hot outside, so Luca was rather tired cause he despises the sun and summer. We had approximately ten minutes until home when we passed by a house with a fence that allows putting your hand behind the bars, there is enough distance between the bars to see the yard. Suddenly a large, muscular dog came jumping between the bars towards Luca. And what did my smart dog do? Jump back at him. I tried to pulled him as fast as I could, but the stranger dog scratched my dog's nose so hard it was bleeding all the way home. 

The irony is that I was upset on the dog who maybe did get hurt as well, but also very upset on my dog. He's better than that. Why is he a marshmallow at home, that if you pull his ear he'll pout for two days, but act like that on the streets? I know that it must be dog's nature, they were similar in build and both male, but to have his beep beep place, kiss seeker aka nose like that makes me mad.

As I was analyzing the situation, I thought that all the anger on my dog was born from the love I have towards him. If that happened to a person we were fond of we would be upset on the situation, the person who hurt them but also on that person for putting themselves in that position. Among with the affection we put on them, we also attach the responsibility to remain healthy so we can continue loving them. There are so many aspects to love, right?

All in all, Luca's nose is recovering pretty fast and he will not be taken to a walk until it is fully healed.


Monday, May 11, 2020

Cien Day Cream Review - with gold and I'm not referring to myself

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During this period the only place I get to buy cosmetics and skin care products is Lidl. Cosmetics not that much, but skin care products end so fast if you, well, use them. Always in search for hydration, I purchased this day cream which is supposed to help with cell regeneration and solve the dry skin. 

It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance very popular these days, sun protection factor and gold. Yes, it says that it has colloidal gold, 1%. Firstly I thought about buying 100 boxes, but then my wise inner self suggested we google this thing. So, the colloidal gold is a "food supplement that contains 24 carat gold nanopatrics, minimum purity 99.9-99.99%, in ultrapure distilled water." Now that we demonstrated scientifically that this cream has gold, in a very very very small portion, let's talk about the rest of its capabilities. 

It has been my part of my daily skin care routine for a while now. The texture is dense, but easy to apply. The hydration is merely fine. I feel it works if you use other products as well, like serums, oils, etc. I had to apply relatively more than I would use with other face creams, but it wasn't a problem. Except that it runs out faster like that. It didn't give an unpleasant feeling and my skin was contempt with it.

The package has golden accent because we're dripping in finesse. To think a cream with a price like that has more gold than it actually has, is naive. Back to the point, the package is nice, resistant and not that bad really. It looks pretty. The cream is a little beige, probably from the SPF and the smell is very pleasant, sweet, but not overwhelming, absolutely calming.

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. I was satisfied even though the level of hydration isn't something I aim for. Like I said, combined with other products, it works just fine.

Take care,

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Top 5 quotes I'm fond of at the moment

May 09, 2020 4 Comments

We all have some words that resonate with us when we're going through something or just words of wisdom to guide us.
Here are my top 5 quotes that my mind repeats nowadays.

"La paix vaut encore mieux que la verite. 
Peace is even better than truth."
I had this quote from Voltaire written in my notebook, but only as I grew older I found its meaning. It is not saying that lying is an excuse to create a peaceful environment because nothing based on lies resists. In my opinion, if I were to choose between finding the truth by disturbing peace, I would just control my curiosity.   
"At 50 meters below sea level you do not suffer. The pure oxygen annihilates any pain. The heart functions with 8 pulsations per minute. Now I know there is out there a life from a sphere hard to bear."
This may seem a sad quote but I literally woke up one day remembering these words. They are from a book written by Lorette Nobecourt, called En nous la vie des morts (rough translation "The life of the dead is in us"), a very interesting book which I definitely recommend. You can read a review here. The point of choosing this quote as one of my favorites is that somehow the existence of a place with such serenity brings me peace. I'm not saying there is a marvelous place to live or be and I don't want to think too much about how they came to that conclusion about the heart functioning at that rate and all, but it reminded of the moment when you're fully in the water in a pool and you can hear your heartbeat. That was what I was doing at my swimming class back in the days when kids way younger than me were learning faster than me. 
"When you learn to fight, you eventually learn how to win."
This one I can't really remember where I picked it up and I tried searching it on the Internet. After so many fighting advice discovered, I gave up and just took it as it is. It has been my mantra in many situations and gave me that little boost of energy when I needed it. Winning in real life can not be based on luck, most of the times it takes a whole lot of work. 

"It takes more courage to let go than to hold on."
Got this from watching Hotel del Luna, an incredible k-drama. One of the reasons I liked it so much was because every episode was like a life lesson. Speaking strictly of this quote, it got stuck in my mind because the thought of letting go of something or someone we love is terrifying, but it might also be the only way to grow and bloom.

"On that desert he was so lonely that he sometimes walked backwards because he wanted to see the footsteps in front of him."

A source of many quotes I like is the k-drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. The story is captivating and it sparkles with words of wisdom. I chose this one not because it applies to me directly, everyone feels lonely at times, but because only the thought that someone feels like that is sad. It makes me think more about what others are going through. Specifically, the goblin had to receive a punishment and spend a long time in solitude, It is about the little things people do just to ease that feeling of loneliness.

As you could see, most of them are not the basic quotes, some of them are extracts from books. As someone once said, people always try to give meanings to words. Maybe that was what I was doing, but that's the beauty of words, they fit everyone. Drop in the comments your favorite quote or saying, hit me with inspiration. 



Thursday, April 30, 2020

Part 1 - not being married by 26, crazy, right?

April 30, 2020 6 Comments

Firstly, since this is the first article/ expression of opinion I share with you in this segment, I felt it is only right to explain how I thought about organizing it. As if my mind is somehow organised. Anyway, the point is, these are little fragments from things we all encounter in our lives. I am not pretending I know it all, I don't want to advice you on anything, but consider it as a book, my experience will become yours. 

So expect random topics that I really hope you will recognized because it also happened to you. Remember it is not about spreading hate or frustration, but how I cope with different situations.