Silan Supreme Review


First time collaborating with TRND, I was so content to test two new flagrance from Silan, Glamour and Elegance. The entire line is based on French perfumes and as a fan of those, I can confirm these are totally similar. 

The Glamour version has autumn vibes all over it. I like to use it on my sweaters, so on my every day looks I smell fresh, floral and a little sweet, just like my personality. 

The Elegance version is more mature, but it also enchants you with the alluring smell.

The Crème-Care formula makes the clothes smooth and soft for a long time, basically, you'll fall in love with your clothes once again.

Now, the best thing of this is definitely the smell, but other things can be considered a bonus for buying it:
- the mix of fruity, woody and musk notes makes it seem more like a perfume than a clothe's softener;
- the package is recyclable;
- it leaves the clothes extra soft.

Using it is also easy, with the bottle cap you can measure just the amount you want to use:
  • 25 ml for velvet clothes (machine wash);
  • 35 ml for extra softness;
  • 55 ml for very velvety clothes.
Do not dilute the conditioner before use. Pour the quantity of cap directly into conditioner compartment of the washing machine and you're done.

All in all, it is going be something I will buy again because the smell gets me and it also has a very affordable price. It is for certain a product to try and I'm sure the sophisticated perfume will enchant you, leaving you saying: "Je te veux!"

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